Farmer’s Market and Baby Food Cooking – Raising a Little Foodie

Farmer’s Market and Baby Food Cooking – Raising a Little Foodie

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I have been having an ongoing love affair with food and cooking for quiet awhile.  I have the deepest passion for healthy homemade meals prepared with freshest ingredients.  Chopping, peeling, slicing, blanching, mashing … – it is my meditation.  I wanted to pass love for healthy eating to my daughter, so when my baby started eating solid foods, I knew that feeding her over processed, tasteless, grayish jared baby food sold in supermarkets was not something I wanted to do.  Instead, I decided to make my own baby food from scratch.

There are many reasons why whipping up your baby food is so much better than using store bought food.  Freshness and nutrition of homemade food is definitely at the top of the list.  Store bought baby foods are cooked at extremely high temperatures to make them shelf life suitable resulting in nutrient and mineral loss.  Due to that, I opted for a baby food maker machine that steams food (healthiest way to cook) allowing it to retain all the natural goodness.  Over time, cooking for Gisela became one of my favorite activities to do.

Shopping for freshest ingredients for Matt and I, and now Gisela, is an easy task in Denver.  Colorado is famous for its summer farmer’s markets and luckily for me, we have one close to us.  My Saturday mornings start with a short walk to a Union Station in Denver, that’s where farmers from all the far corners of Colorado come to sell their organic products.  I love to drag my still sleepy self here early morning and to slowly wake up from all the sounds of crowd and smells of food.





DSC_0657These beets are ruby red and don’t come any more local, grown in Bolder, Colorado.  My Gisela will love these.


Tomatoes: beefsteak, cherry, heirloom, pink, roma … as big as your hand … so juicy and flavor exploding that I end up eating them as a snack by itself.


Must not forget flowers.



I highly recommend getting croissants from Mercantile or any of their other pastries.  Coffee and a buttery flakey croissant is one of my favorite breakfasts that I spoil myself with once a week.  The rest of the days I try to have a more healthy breakfast.


Dark red, sweet and juicy cherries from Palisades Colorado that were picked yesterday.  We usually finish these in two days, alright maybe one day.  But who is counting?



Today on Gisela’s menu is zucchini and sweet pea puree purchased at a farmer’s market.


Load all this green goodness into a babycook and just turn on the dial to steam it.


Puree it!


Zucchini and sweet pea puree bursting with vitamins and minerals all ready to be served.

DSC_0677When you make your own baby food, you are in control of different food combinations.  There is carrot, zuchini and sweet pea puree I will be introducing to Gisela.  You can also include spices (apples and cinnamon, avocado and turmeric), fresh herbs (potatoes and chives), or make unique combinations (beets, yogurt and dill) none of which you will find at a supermarket.  I think I am raising a little foodie 🙂

I made a few extra batches to freeze for one of those days when you are on the run.

DSC_0661Now let our major food critic decide whether this lunch is worthy of applause or a smile at least.  The verdict is: she loves it   DSC_0655Here are some of the other food purees that my baby loves:

Beets. Photo bombed by little hands.

Oatmeal and prunes.


The possibilities are endless, go ahead and experiment, there are no recipes needed to make baby food.  The process is very simple and fast: wash, cut, steam, puree, and feed your little one.

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