Baby Wanted Sweets and Chocolate – 36 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Wanted Sweets and Chocolate – 36 Weeks Pregnant

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I am officially 36 weeks pregnant and am experiencing major sugar cravings.  Oh who am I kidding, I have been craving sweets throughout out my whole third trimester BADLY.  If you live in San Francisco then you are aware of a Ghirardelli Square – a hell of a touristy square with shops and cafes right by the fisherman’s wharf with amazing views of the ocean.  It also features Ghirardelli chocolate shops.  Being freshly new to San Francisco, Matt and I decided to be tourists for an evening and go on a date to a Ghirardelli square.

It was also a perfect excuse for me to go completely over the top with indulging in sweets.  I ordered a humungous, as big as my head, hot fudge, brownie and ice cream sundae with a cloud of towering whipped cream topped with a cherry.  Don’t judge, baby wanted it.

As of today, I am 36 weeks and my little precious girl can come to this world so soon.  I am very nervous and excited at the same time.  Below are a few details that I decided to share with you about my pregnancy.  As well as, a few pictures of my baby bump snapped before the ice cream sundae encounter.


I thought of myself as being a whimp when in came to pain tolerance.  That was before delivering Gisela – my first born.  I realized how strong I am as a woman during my labor with Gisela.  Read a full story here.  I am very confident with being able to tolerate pain of labor now.  I trust my body and mind to do what it needs to do in order for the baby to arrive safely into my arms.  Of course, my partner, my husband, my rock, Matt, will be with me to help guide me through a sea of labor pain with his love and care.


I am not a fan of being pregnant.  There!  I said it.  I love my babies and love my body during pregnancy but I am not liking how being pregnant affects my life.  I am not liking how I have drained energy levels, limited mobility, shortness of breath, sleepless nights and moodiness.  I love to work out and be active; understandably, I had to pretty much stop with running, yoga and working out.  I am also feeling low energy levels most of the day and am not able to play with Gisela as much as I want to.  And did I mention moodiness?  Yes, angry pregnant Sasha has overtaken my usual smiley and warm personality 🙂


I have gained a total of 25 pounds so far.  I have a feeling that I will end up gaining about 27 pounds in total.  I have gained exactly 27 pounds with my first pregnancy as well.


No stretch marks so far.  Did not get any with first pregnancy and will not be getting them with this pregnancy either.  Hooray!   I was lazy and busy to oil my belly much but I still managed to escape away from stretch marks.  I did drink lots of water and believe that this helped retain skin’s elasticity.

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