Babymoon Road Trip

Babymoon Road Trip

We drove about 1500 miles, spent 6 days on the road, drove through 3 states, stayed in 4 different towns, ate in fancy and not so fancy (McDonalds) restaurants, and saw Colorado and Arizona’s most magnificent sceneries which left me breathless and not just because of high altitude.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and we celebrated it with Matt by taking a road trip from Denver CO to Grand Canyons AZ.  I am realizing how drastically my life will change in a few weeks and am looking towards many of the new things life will bring me.  However, one thing that I have been already missing and will be missing even more is the ability to travel for a few months after delivery.  I call myself a globetrotter and I have a pretty long list of places I want to visit.  I did not want my pregnancy to stop me from exploring new places but I did choose not to travel by air in my third trimester either.  I realize that there is no danger in flying if your pregnancy is not high risk and even though mine pregnancy is low risk, I decided that road trip would be so much more fun and easier to handle when I am 30 weeks pregnant.  In addition, having recently moved to Denver, I wanted to see a beautiful state of Colorado.  And oh boy, beautiful does not fully describe it!

We started off by driving to a town of Telluride where we spend the night.







It took us about 7 hours to get to Telluride but these 7 hours passed in a beat due to an always changing scenery.  7 hours of driving on a curvy road at a mountain base then off to a higher altitude to a snow capped top of a mountain, passing mountain lakes, seeing gold leafed forests with open pastures and finally arriving (very hungry) to Telluride.


Telluride greeted us with golden fall weather which is my favorite season of the year.  Ski season does not open in Telluride for another month; thus, we pretty much had this small cozy town to ourselves for exploring.


And there is no better way to spend an evening after a long drive than with cookies cozying up by a soul warming fire place with your honey in Telluride.


Next morning after a very filling breakfast, we continued our trip to Arizona.  Our next stop was a Horseshoe bend.  I googled images of this sightseeing before the trip but once I got there, I was taken away by its grandness.  Pictures do not do justice.  I also have to mention that the next few days, I was literally walking on the edge.  These cliffs are so high and steep, with no rails or safety measures, … so frightening.





DSC_0190 2


In the evening we arrived to our new destination – Grand Canyon National Park.  We vowed to get up early to see sunrise over Grand Canyons.  In a race to beat the sun, we woke up at 5:00 am but by the time we had breakfast (hey, pregnant lady here, I need my full sit-down breakfast meal), drove to the park, found parking, got on the shuttle, the sun was high in the sky already.  I still managed to get amazing pictures though.  I mean, you can not fail with taking pictures of this majesty – Grand Canyons.  She is very photogenic 😉





For the next few days, we explored between South and North rims of Grand Canyon.  Both equally spectacular.


The next destination has been on my places-to-visit for a long time.  Antilope caves.  I won’t go into describing their beauty, just see for yourself below.





Back on the road, next destinations are Grand Junction and a lovely town of Aspen.





Aspen welcomed us with crispy fall weather which soon turned in very cold temperatures and snow furry brrrrr.  I was not ready for this cold, good thing that Aspen is known for its love for food and renowned chefs.  We were able to warm up in restaurants over delicious meals before getting back on the road home to Denver.  There is no better place like home 🙂


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