My Baby Girl is Turning 1!

My Baby Girl is Turning 1!

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Today my baby girl is turning one!

My baby girl … one…   ONE!

Do you remember when she was only six months old?

So hard to believe that she is now a toddler.  She achieved so many incredible things during her first year in this universe.  She can crawl, somewhat walk, she loves to give hugs, tries to eat with a fork, has pretty impressive dance moves, enjoys to play peekaboo and most importantly, she won our hearts.  She is my little baby that I am so in love with that is not so little anymore.

We were lucky to celebrate her first year old birthday party in Florida with Matt’s family.  The weather in Florida allowed us to have a fun filled birthday celebration outside on our patio.

Matt and I chose pink, silver, white, and purple colors for Gisela’s birthday.

We also decided to have a sweets table.  Gisela never tasted sugar or sweets before, so this would be her first experience tasting dessert!

We made our own cake and cupcakes.  Recipe here.

And of course, birthday girl got to dress up and be a little princess for her special day.  Gisela wore her birthday dress from here.  Similar option1 and option2.

We all thought that Gisela would just dive into her cake, smash it and have fun with it.  Surprisingly, she was hesitant and reserved with her smash cake.

We had to cut cake open and that’s when she realized it was food.

The rest is history…

No birthday complete without gifts.  While mommy and daddy enjoyed opening and seeing the presents, Gisela enjoyed playing with wrapping paper.

Happy 1st birthday my precious daughter.  The most important gift I want to give you is a happy childhood.  I want you to know that you are greatly loved by so many people!



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    Such a beautiful post! So happy that everyone had a good time in Florida.

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