Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, CO

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Warning: this post contains lots of pictures of snow.  Grab a blanket, warm cup of beverage and cozy up on your couch to read more about our snowy trip to Breckenridge, CO.

I will not write in detail about our drive to Breckenridge on a winding mountain roads during the snow blizzard.  I will spare you the dramatic description of driving and sliding on slippery roads even at a snail slow speed of 5 mph.  Alas, we made it to Breckenridge.

Next day, we woke up early to 19 inches of snow, freezing temperatures and this magnificent view.  Just look at this enticing white beauty.

After attiring ourselves into what seemed like endless layers of clothes, we headed out to downtown of Breckenridge for breakfast and some exploration.

Skies were grayish white and blended in with snow horizons, making whole town of Breckenridge one white terrain.

I warned you there would be lots of pictures of snow…and to be specific, 19 inches of snow!

Care to sit on this bench?

We casually watched skiers glide thru the snow.  Secretly, I was hoping to see someone tumble down the mountain for some entertainment.

After dinner, we explored town of Breckenridge some more and admired its charming streets and Christmas decorations.  The temperature dropped to vicious -20C/-4F degrees.  It was quite tough to be outside for long time without jumping into a store or cafe to warm up.

After all that cold winter fun escapades, we warmed our toes by the fireplace in our hotel lobby.

Next day brought blue skies and bright sunny rays.

Temperature was still as cold and unbearable as it was a previous day.  That did not stop us of course.

Matt went off to ski, Gisela stayed warm and played in local daycare, and I enjoyed precious and very rare “me” time.

I went on a mission to find a cute coffee shop to chill in while strolling through town of Breckenridge and snapping a few of these photos.

Mission accomplished – The Crown Coffee Shop.

For lunch, I took the gondola up to Sevens to meet Matt and hear about his skiing experience.  Sevens is a restaurant located right at the base of Peak 7.  Their chili is made with elk, bison, beef, bean medley, topped with cheddar, chipotle sour cream,  and green onion and is awesome.  Go for it!

The views going up the mountain in a gondola are outrageously breathtaking, as well as the views from the Peak 7!

Below are some of the shots Matt snapped while skiing.  While I am not a fan of skiing, seeing these pictures made me want to take up skiing.  Last time I skied was well over five years ago and that was in Wisconsin where mountains are well, not Colorado steep mountains to say the least.  However, I promised to myself to try skiing in the near future.

To the new horizons!  Thank you Colorado for such remarkable views and unforgettable experiences.  You won my heart a long time ago and you make me fall in love with you over and over.

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  1. Such beautiful photos!! Can’t wait to visit soon! We need to go on the snowshoes and take pretty photos too 🙂

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