Daytrip to Cambridge, London

Daytrip to Cambridge, London

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Enter the town of Cambridge, a historic university town located about 50 miles of London. Let me take you on a walk through its narrow, historic, cobblestone roads but beware of whizzing bicyclists that this town is oozing with.



Town Square welcomes you once you reach the town center.  Unfortunately, the weather decided not to spoil us that day and we were yielded with low, grey sky and distressing chilly winds.


While exploring frosty Cambridge, I was very glad to wear my new purchase – this navy cape.  It is made out of warm wool-cashmere blend, has a hood, toggle closures and side pockets.  I am absolutely in love with it.  Wearing it, makes me feel like I walked out of Harry Potter movie set and who would not find THAT cool?




Let’s wander aimlessly around university campus, admire historic architecture, open green spaces, and crumbling bridges and archways.


Cambridge lives and breathes its past and its present.  Every step in the city makes you think of famous poets, philosophers, scientists, medics, engineers, prime ministers and Nobel Peace Prize winners that took a step here as well.


j0pmsyj9sgqmvhfhppa0sa_thumb_9f28After a few hours of wandering, boat tour is exactly what we need.

We glided through calm waters of River Cam past many colleges of Cambridge. Our guide was telling us interesting facts about a university spiced up with a few comical campus stories.



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A true time travel into the past, well worth a trip if you crave a little adventure outside of London.

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  1. What a beautiful trip! Cambridge looks so charming!

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