Discovering New Trails at Boulder, Colorado

Discovering New Trails at Boulder, Colorado

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New day, new trail!  Did I ever publicly declare my love of hiking?  I am so in love with hiking.  Whether it is walking around the city, going up the Eiffel tower stairs, dragging feet up a mountain to get that elevation gain.  Day just instantly gets better, positive thoughts multiply and flood your head, face gets flushed and startling new scenery presents itself.  I love the feeling of adventure and accomplishment that hiking brings on.  I am always left with a new sense of appreciation for my life and enthusiasm for future endeavors.

It is very fortunate that Denver is very closely situated to Boulder, a quick 20 minute drive.  Boulder is a cute little town at the foothills of Rocky Mountains with numerous trails for hiking.    All of them are unalike in the views that they have to offer.  This time we decided to explore Gregory Canyon Trail.

IMG_2611This trail was rocky at times but very simple to hike.



Incredible views!


Gisela slept most of the hike.  I cannot wait when she is a little bit older and can appreciate all this beautiful nature.





After the hike, we ended up going to downtown Boulder.  We were ravenously hungry and could not wait to sink our teeth into food.  There is a wide variety of restaurants on Pearl street in Boulder.  Many are quite known and respected in the food scene.


We ended up choosing Kasa Japanese Grill and it did not disappoint.



I opted out for a vegetarian dish with crispy tofu.  Yummy!


Another successful and memorable day in Boulder.  HIgh five.

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  1. Looks like such a lovely day! Love your hiking outfit, super cute. xx

    Sophia W. |

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