Dog Sledding – First Date as Mommy and Daddy

Dog Sledding – First Date as Mommy and Daddy

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I am a cat person.  I just love those little furry creatures and I love their independent attitude.  To tell you the truth, dogs scare me.  However, when Matt brought up to me an idea of taking a dog sled ride and meeting adorable blue/green eyed huskies, I was sold.

It has been one and half months of me and Matt being parents to our cutest girl Gisela.  We are completely obsessed with her and cannot get enough of our new little family member and love spending all our time with her.  But mommy and daddy alone time is so essential.  We decided to have a date day.

For our date, we decided to head out high into Breckenridge Colorado and take our first dog sled ride.  The weather could not have been more perfect with lots of sun beaming in the mountains.  The dogs turned to be one of the happiest and friendliest dogs I have encountered and they were more ecstatic to go for a run than us.  We set off on a sled through snow covered mountains and deep Colorado forest.  I have to brag that our sled did not turn over, not even once.  We made back to Denver with no bruises and with many happy memories.

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