Escaping to Florida for Some Sunshine During the Holidays

Escaping to Florida for Some Sunshine During the Holidays

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We got a chance to escape cold winter days in Denver.  We escaped to sunny and warm Florida for the holidays.  Not only were we greeted with Florida golden sunshine and blue skies, we were also greeted with lots of hugs from our loved ones and toooonnsss of presents.

I do have to admit that Gisela got the bulk of these presents.  What would childhood be without grandparents spoiling their grandkids?

Multiply those presents x 2 for Gisela’s one year old birthday party = extra suitcase needed to carry everything back to Denver.

Evenings brought on cooler temperatures in Florida but we did not complain.  We built a huge campfire outside our house and warmed ourselves while munching on Christmas cookies and sipping hot chocolate.

I told you the campfire was huge, just look at it!

New Years celebration was celebrated with fireworks in downtown Tampa.

One of my girlfriends back from Chicago always visits Florida during the holiday season as well.  We made it our little tradition to meet up while in Florida every year.  It was nice to greet 2017 together with our husbands.

A trip would not be complete without a dose of hiking.  We ended up hiking at Hillsborough River State Park.  I was profoundly petrified of meeting an alligator along our path but luckily these beasts were not encountered.

Dare to take a dip in these lovely blue green waters … infested with alligators?

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