Picnic and Playtime at the Golden Gate Park

Picnic and Playtime at the Golden Gate Park

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We are slowly, very slowly getting settled into our new place in San Francisco.  Our move has been hectic and we have tons (or 52 to be exact) of boxes to unpack.  Our toddler is slowly adjusting to her new room.  She has been nervous for the first few nights to sleep in her room by herself.  She ended up sleeping in our bed instead. Loving our snuggles with her in the morning!  Loving these little arms around me!

San Francisco greeted us with an absolutely amazing weather.  It has been very sunny and warm, perfect weather to explore our new city.

Due to amazing weather, we decided to explore Golden Gate Park and treat Gisela to some fun at the playground.

San Francisco has one of the best playgrounds for kids I have witnessed during my short time being a mommy.  Most of them are very clean, have rubbery cushioned ground and lots of swings and fun structures for kiddos.

After climbing, sliding, swinging, running fun times at the playground, we ventured off to explore Golden Gate Park.  Golden Gate Park is a huge park with so much to see.  I am loving the vegetation of California.  Having lived in Moscow, and then Chicago and Denver, I was accustomed to very boring looking trees and mediocre flowers due to these cities’ harsh cold climates.  California is a different game.  Let’s just say, I constantly stop to smell and admire the flowers in San Francisco.  I have seen many exotic flowers and trees, and oh yes, my favorite, palm trees!

Golden Gate Park has a tropical garden with tons of palm trees of different sizes overshadowing you.  Whole fields of wild fern and lilies make you think that you have been transported into an amazon jungle.

And these trees are absolutely my favorite.  They always remind me of baobab trees from one of my favorite books by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “Le Petit Prince”.

Baobab trees are giant plants that grow on the prince’s planet.  They start off as tiny weeds but if not uprooted and discarded when they are little, they firmly take root and can even can cause a planet to split apart.  The baobabs symbolize unpleasant things in life and negative thoughts – if we don’t spot them and weed them out early, they will take firm root and distort out personalities.

After wondering around in the jungle gardens and among baobab trees, we strolled into Japanese Gardens.

I loved bamboo forests there.

There is a very quaint tea house that offers authentic green teas and light snacks.

Gisela loved sweet buns filled with bean paste.  I highly recommend them.

After stomping around the park for a few hours, we let our feet rest and our bodies stretch on a picnic blanket at a beautiful green meadow.


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