Happy 2016 New Year

Happy 2016 New Year

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Today we will be saying good bye to the year 2015 and hello to 2016!  Usually I am not a fan of New Year’s celebrations.  There is always so much planning to make new year celebration unforgettable and fun but in my experience it never tends to live up to its expectations.  I always said that I wanted to celebrate New Years in pajamas at home instead of going to the party.  Well, my wishes came true this year!  On December 31, 2015, Gisela came home with us from the hospital at around noon.  Understandably we were not ready to celebrate New Years in any way.  We were sleep deprived and still learning about being parents (does this learning ever stop?) but so happy to have our little girl with us safe home.  We ended up celebrating New Year 2016 in our pajamas at home and toasting with non-alcoholic sparking grape juice.  I can truly say that this was the BEST and MOST MEMORABLE New Year’s celebration.

Happy New Year 2016!!!

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