Let’s Warm Up Over Hot Chocolate

Let’s Warm Up Over Hot Chocolate

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There is nothing more satisfying than rich, thick, hot chocolate when the weather outside is frightful.  Oh, it has been a frightfully freezing weather outside in Denver during the past couple of days.  We have hit 10 degrees Fahrenheit!  Gisela and I have been staying warm and toasty inside our place and not sticking our noses outside.

You must have gotten chilly reading about Denver frigid temperatures, now let’s warm up over a cup of hot chocolate.  I will share my favorite tricks to making the best hot chocolate to keep you warm and happy.

I use real chocolate in combination to cocoa powder to make drinkable chocolate.  Don’t forget fun toppings for your hot and sweet cup of delight: marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate candy.  Add spices if feeling dull and want to spice things up: cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper.


The secret to making an awesome hot chocolate is to use solid dark chocolate.  Using real solid chocolate gives you a cup of creamy and lusciously thick hot drink. You can use at least 2 oz of any dark chocolate bar per cup.


Using dark chocolate makes your drink taste more intense and less sugary.  You can adjust sweetness later by adding sugar or marshmallows.



I like to mix a teaspoon of cocoa powder into my drink as well.  You can use either natural or dutch cocoa powder.  Dutch cocoa powder is darker in color and has a more intense chocolatey flavor while natural cocoa looks lighter in color and tastes more tangy.  I like to mix both into my drinkable chocolate, because why not?  🙂


Use whole milk for extra rich drink.  Add a splash of half and half if feeling extra naughty.

Heat up whole milk over direct heat and add chocolate shavings and cocoa powder when milk starts to boil.  Let your drink continue to slightly boil for a few more minutes while constantly stirring.


I use turka to prepare my hot chocolate. Turka is a Greek/Turkish/Arabic pot for coffee.


Don’t forget to add a tiny pinch of salt to your hot chocolate.  I promise it will taste even better.


Look at this super smooth and rich chocolate delight.



Top it off with marshmallows and enjoy.



hjackpith8dal7wscimg_thumb_a298Chocolate heavenly drink with fluffy marshmallow clouds.


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