Pregnancy Announcement! The Third Trimester is Beginning … for the Second Time

Pregnancy Announcement! The Third Trimester is Beginning … for the Second Time

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I have been long overdue on a very special announcement!  I am pregnant and I am due May 2017.  This pregnancy is flying by, probably because I am so busy with everything currently going on in my life that I sometimes forget that I am pregnant.  Read below about my second pregnancy and how I manage it.  I am also very excited to share some of the maternity pictures with you.  So let’s play catch up, shall we?

HOW FAR ALONG: 30 weeks.  Entering a final trimester.

GENDER: It is a little girl.  Of course, Matt and I were wanting a boy since our first born is a girl.  I might have even said a swear word when we first found out the gender of our baby.  But now, we are feeling exactly the opposite.  We are so happy that it is going to be another baby girl.  I would not change it for anything in the world.  Gisela and her little sister will only be 17 months apart 🙂  I will work very hard to raise them to love each other and be best friends for life.  I am already scoping out books on correctly raising two children.

DO YOU HAVE A NAME PICKED OUT: Ugh, the name choosing part.  It was so challenging for us during the first pregnancy.  It did not get easier this time either.  Matt and I had a date night recently and went through some baby names.  We have a few in mind but have such a long way to go to committing to one.

WHAT DO YOU DO TO WORK OUT DURING PREGNANCY:  I have to admit that I have not been working out at all with this pregnancy.  Life has been chaotic and very busy for me.  Gisela is one little rascal that requires constant attention and keeps me on my feet all day long.  Fitting in a workout has become almost impossible.  However, I have been walking and hiking a ton.  My weight gain has been ideal for now.  I am gaining weight at the same rate as with Gisela.

DO YOU HAVE STRETCH MARKS: I do not currently have any.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will avoid them again!

WHICH FOODS I CRAVE THE MOST:  My cravings have been similar to my first pregnancy.  I have been craving all kinds of fruits, veggies and carbs!  During the first trimester, I mostly craved pasta, potatoes, bread and pizza.  My hunger was the greatest during first and second trimester.  Right now, having entered my third trimester, I am not craving starchy foods as much.  For the most part, I love having various salads for my meals.  Pineapple has been on the top of my list too.  Also, mushrooms!  I have been devouring them through out my whole pregnancy.

SYMPTOMS:  I can honestly say that both of my pregnancies were fairly easy.  I had no nausea, pretty good energy for most of the time, and very little belly growing pains.  Second pregnancy has been a little easier than the first one: less fatigue, less hormonal emotions, less heartburn and more calmness overall.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR:  I am extremely excited for Gisela to have a baby sister.  I cannot wait to see both of them grow together.  And to see Gisela’s expression when she meets her sister will be priceless.  Not looking towards pushing that double stroller around the city though…

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  1. Awww love this announcement!! So excited to meet niece #2 🙂

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