It Is Someone’s Very Special Six Months Birthday!

It Is Someone’s Very Special Six Months Birthday!

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High Res Image (49)My baby girl turned six months.  Can you believe how fast time flies?  Everyone said that time goes by rapidly and children grow up so quick and they were undoubtedly very right.  Gisela can already sit up and somewhat crawl.  So unlike from the little one we brought back home from the hospital that would sleep all day.  She is such a determined little girl trying to accomplish new moves and I love to see her succeed.
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Six months ago I became a Mommy, the best day of my life that changed everything in the most wonderful way!

The first few weeks were challenging due to my baby blues, sleepless nights and the understanding of your life, as you knew it – gone.  But then I found myself head over heals in love with Gisela, wanting to spend all my time with this little person and finding myself happiest I have ever been.

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Gisela, I am so grateful that you picked me as your mommy, thank you for being my baby.  Daddy and I will try to give you the best childhood that we can.  We will build so many wonderful memories as a family.

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I love to see Gisela’s smile, it is the most rewarding thing.  I also love to introduce her to new simple pleasures in life like walking barefoot on grass, playing with water at the splash pad, tasting peaches for the first time, patting dogs…  These are all her favorite things to do.

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Daddy’s playtime is so much more adventurous than mine, soar high into the sky, fly like a superwoman, ride into new horizons on daddy’s shoulders.  Gisela loves it so much though, resulting in delightful giggles and huge grins every time daddy walks into the room.  It is playtime!

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It has been a wonderful new journey to take with Matt and Gisela!

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