Snow is Not Going to Stop Us

Snow is Not Going to Stop Us

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Yes, it is another snow day in Denver!  And I love it!  In my opinion, Denver has the best winters.  Moving to Denver from Chicago, I pictured Denver to be some sort of winter wonderland city and to my surprise, winters turned out to be very mild here.  Winters in Denver are more like short sleeve weather (yes, you read that right) with an occasional snow storm.  Most of the times it is very warm and sunny which makes it amazing to run outside in capris and a tank top in February.  Once in a while, a snow cloud comes from the mountains and brings an impressive amount of snow.  The whole city turns white and serene for a day or two; until, the hot and strong high altitude sun comes out and melts those heaping inches of snow.

Luckily today is one of those Denver snow days.  A mountain snow cloud came for a visit to Denver.  It has been snowing not-stop and Denver turned into a stunning frosty city with snowflakes in the air and crisp icy air tickling your nose and face.  I have been trying to do daily walks with Gisela for my and her benefit, she gets some vitamin D and fresh air and mommy gets her exercise.  Today was no different and we did not let snow stop us.  We went for our daily walk with daddy joining us.  It turned out to be a wonderful family walk in the civic park in Denver.

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