Stocking up on Vitamin D in LA

Stocking up on Vitamin D in LA

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Emerald blue ocean, palm tree lined streets, white sand, clear blue sky, sizzling hot sun, parties with celebrities (ok, maybe not…) – LA here we come!

Flying to LA from Denver takes only about 2 hours.  Another great plus to be living in Denver is that it is in such a central location of USA.  You can get to any coast in a few hours.  Despite the flight being so short, this was our first plane flight with Gisela and we were very nervous.  Luckily, she was a champ and slept through the whole flight.  Props to us for feeding her right before boarding and buying noise canceling headphones, all this helped her get her zzzzzz’s during the flight.


LA greeted us with some light traffic, of course.  To tell you the truth, we were quiet happy to experience the famous LA traffic.  It’s a tourist must see, no?


Our hotel was right in the Beverly Hills, just a short walk to Rodeo Drive.  It was a beautiful green oasis with a Jacuzzi right outside of our room.



We fell in love with a neighborhood Brentwood and ended up brunching at different spots there through out our stay.  I was impressed with quality of food in Los Angeles.  Restaurants serve organic, local, and very healthy ingredients.



IMG_0646Matt and I absolutely love to walk and explore new cities by foot.  LA is definitely not a walkable city and a car is needed to get around it.  However, we did end up walking along the beach from the Santa Monica Pier all the way to Venice beach.  Thanks to Gisela waking us up bright and early, we got done with our walk before the hot afternoon sun came out and asphalt started to sizzle.







Hiking was on top of our to do list.  We dedicated a whole day to hiking at Griffith Park.  The trail is perched on the slopes of Mountain Hollywood, leads past Griffith Observatory and higher into the hills.  You get a magnificent view of Los Angeles downtown, Hollywood Sign, and stunning scenery of hills and the city.






IMG_0506For lunch we had the yummiest avocado sandwiches in a small cute cafe right by the park.

Can one truly call vacation in LA a vacation if one haven’t spent a day at the beach?  A relaxing day at the beach followed our strenuous hiking day.  The weather was very hot and sunny but the water was unbearably cold.  I will proudly boast that I braved out frigid water and took a quick dip in the ocean after my morning workout.  Seeing everyone work out at the “Muscle” beach swayed me to work out as well by running 5K.



The next day brought scenic road trip to Malibu along America’s most loved highways – the Pacific Coast Highway Route #1.  Be prepared to interrupt your sunny cruising with constant stops to admire the sunny views of the Pacific Ocean coast line.




We did manage to get lost…ooops.  Took a wrong turn and ended up driving through city of Calabasas and city of Topanga.  It was an unplanned re-route that ended up being worth it due to this spectacular view.


Los Angeles welcomed us in a most sunny and heart warming ways.  I fell in love with this city and I hope to be back as soon as I am able to.

Happily back to Denver now 🙂  It is sunny here as well.


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