Taking on Galbraith Mountain in Colorado

Taking on Galbraith Mountain in Colorado

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Five miles of steep, very rocky hiking trail on Mountain Galbraith is a perfect cure for Saturday boredom.  Sandwiches prepared, we will be having lunch at the park; hiking shoes on, shoes make a significant difference how far and how pleasant your hike will be, I strongly advice to invest in good ones; sunblock slathered on, oh those high altitude sun rays get ya; Gisela in a baby carrier, the best way to hike, yeah, I am jealous.

This trail turned out to be a moderately challenging trail, steep at times, sometimes narrow always accompanied with breathtaking views.  It was great!  There were scarce rocky climbs on a trail but there are very few and very scattered.  I found them fun and refreshingly different from a usual sandy trail.  At one point of a hike, you get to catch a glimpse of Denver skyline in the distance.

Ah, the perks of living in Denver are very apparent on days like these

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