The Third Trimester is Beginning!

The Third Trimester is Beginning!

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HOW FAR ALONG: 28 weeks.  Entering a final trimester.

GENDER: It is a little girl.

DO YOU HAVE A NAME PICKED OUT:  As of this moment we have 6 names picked out and we love all of them.  We are planning to narrow down our list closer to delivery and we are keeping them a secret until we settle on one 🙂

HAVE YOU READ ANY BOOKS: “Bringing Up Bebe” by Pamela Druckerman and “Your Pregnancy and Childbirth” by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (provided by my doctor).  I highly recommend both books.  Next on my list is “Sparkly Green Earrings” by Melanie Shankle.


I try to remain active during my pregnancy.  However, during weeks 13-17 of my pregnancy (pretty much whole month of July) I was too tired and fatigued to do anything.  I had to nap every afternoon for about an hour and can count how many times I left the house on one hand.

But pregnancy gods took pity on me and oh glory!, I got my energy levels back in the second trimester.  I signed up for our city gym, met with a personal trainer and developed my pre-natal workout which consists of stair master (luv) and leg/butt exercises.

On top of that, I do lots of hiking which is impossible to resist living here in Denver, Co.  My list of “scenic places to see in Colorado” is too long but I am one determined girl.

Also, let’s not forget all the walking  and biking Matt and I do around the city.  Our bike rides often take us to a new coffee shop that we discover upon exploring the city where we end up catching a small break before jumping on our bikes again.  While our walks sometimes end up being for over an hour of wandering around Denver’s neighborhoods and talking.

DO YOU HAVE STRETCH MARKS: I do not have any so far but my baby bump just recently entered a growing phase.  I have been drinking lots of water and putting oils (avacado, rosehip, almond) on my belly.

WHICH FOODS I CRAVE THE MOST:  All kinds of fruits, veggies and pasta!  My favorite fruit has been a pineapple, I can eat one in a day…I don’t…most of the times.  Also I have been sticking to a bowl of oatmeal with berries for breakfast at least four times a week. For lunch/dinner, my favorite meal has been a Nicoise salad, I have it at least once a week.  Find recipe here.


WHICH FOODS I MISS THE MOST:  Runny eggs (sunny side up, poached eggs over veggies, eggs benedict, over easy eggs), and huge cup of warm cappuccino with lots foam.  I gave up coffee but occasionally will drink a cup of lightly brewed green/black tea.  Surprisingly, I do not miss any soft cheeses, cured meets, or alcohol.


Two words – Acid Reflex (heartburn).  Never had it before pregnancy but it has been my constant unwelcomed companion for the past few months.

And of course, Hunger!  Hunger like I haven’t experience before.  It is of a new “type”.  Let me explain.  I am not eating much more than before, but I do admit that I cannot skip any meals now.  If in the past I could easily go with a small late dinner, now it has to be a full blown meal three times a day.  But the most annoying part of pregnancy to me is the immediate, strong feeling of hunger that creeps up on you unexpectedly and makes itself number one priority.  Its like it has a life of its own and I become possessed by it once it overcomes me.  To “keep it in tame”, I realized that I have to have a schedule for my meals and cannot skip or delay any meals. Its been pretty much, breakfast around 9:30, lunch around 1:30 and dinner around 6 every day.  My day planning has to go around this eating schedule or otherwise the beast named hunger comes out and shows its claws.

Other than that, I do not feel “pregnant” most of the times.  Very often I forget that I am and then see myself in the mirror and get a shock of “wow, where did that huge belly come from?” 🙂




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