Day of Indulgences at Boulder, Colorado

Day of Indulgences at Boulder, Colorado

It has been almost a month since my little girl made her debut and it has been a very happy, sleep deprived, sometimes stressful month filled with joyful smiles, gloomy crying, dirty diapers, smelly spit ups, cute baby outfits, tense bottle training, sweet teeny fingers, chubby little toes and precious love.  I am absolutely in LOVE with her, more and more and more everyday.  She just started to smile, mostly in her sleep, and I have to admit that many days I just watch her sleep to see those smiles.  It is the best feeling in the world to see your child smile.  Here is a pic of my sleeping beauty.




My post-natal recovery has been going pretty well but much more challenging than I expected it to be giving how easy my pregnancy and labor were.  I encountered major case of baby blues that I have been trying to overcome for a few weeks.  I have been experiencing an enormous case of waterworks almost everyday.  It has been a very strange feeling since I realize how happy and lucky I am to hold a healthy baby in my arms and to have a loving and supportive partner next to me; yet, I have been crying a lot.  I do feel the intensity of my baby blues slowly weaken with every passing day and I cannot wait for this dark cloud to completely go away and to feel like myself again.  To help me overcome my baby blues, Matt and I decided to visit Boulder.  We took a trip to Boulder many times when we first moved to Denver and absolutely adored this little town.  Having Gisela visit it with us this time felt surreal and oh so wonderful.

The weather was pleasantly warm and sunny and felt like spring on our trip day.  Colorado winters are the best!  Day at Boulder was a splurge day for me.  I have been restricting myself in many foods during pregnancy.  Finally I could indulge and yes, I did!  Chocolate, coffee and sushi!


We stopped at a chocolate boutique “Peace Love and Chocolate”.  This place is scrumptiously filled with chocolate from truffles to pastries and dessert cups to chocolate spaghetti with chocolate olive oil in between.


They sell the best hot sipping chocolate which is made in a European style from whole chocolate melted with frothy hot milk.   I decided to pair my very smooth and chocolaty cup of liquid goodness with a gold covered chocolate truffle heart.


IMG_8857Lunch consisted of another indulgence – sushi.  Gisela slept during the whole lunch and Matt and I enjoyed the sun.


And did I say that I finally had my first cup of coffee after no coffee for 9 months?  I savored every sip of it.

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