London, England

London, England

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After 9 hours of transatlantic night flight, 3 of us, 3 suitcases, 2 bags, 1 newly airline provided stroller minus 1 our own lost stroller made it to London, England.  Despite an airline losing our stroller (which was later found), our flight was smooth and pleasant. Gisela ended up sleeping most of the time which allowed us to catch our zzzz’s too.


We were greeted by our friend that has recently moved from New York to London.  He kindly helped us navigate through complex veins of London Tube safely to our hotel.


Through out our trip, we extensively relied on London tube and found it to be a convenient and a budget friendly option.  Personally, I loved navigating through intricate underground railways system.  It reminded me of a Moscow subway system which I would regularly used during my younger years while living there.


We decided to make our first day in London by being typical tourists.  We bought tickets for hop-on/hop-off double decker red bus and visited majority of famous city’s attractions.  I highly recommend getting familiar with the city by exploring it on the hop-on/hop-off bus.



We hoped off our bus by the London tower and walked around the area, snapping selfies, before hopping back on.  Gisela missed this beautiful sight and decided to take a nap instead 🙂



We walked across the London bridge while, of course, “London bridge is falling down” song played on repeat in my head (eye roll).


We let our noses guide us through a Borough Market – London’s most renowned food and drink outdoor market.



I do have to admit that we were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people that were there making it almost impossible to have an enjoyable exploration of everything that this famous food market has to offer.  However, this is a must stop for food lovers like me and you.




After a somewhat tiring experience of exploring Borough Market, we ended up relaxing at Tate Museum.  We let our legs stretch at Turbine Hall all the while enjoying acoustic sounds of rain storm.  Gisela had fun crawling around and even making a few British friends.


After spending over an hour lounging around Tate Museum, we bravely went back out into the busy streets of London to continue our touristy day.


Bright sun made its rare appearance and greeted us at the Millennium Bridge.


We took a stroll along Thames river before hopping onto our red decker bus to take us back to our hotel.

In the evening, Matt and I had our date night at The Ivy Garden in Chelsea.  We chatted the night away over creamy wild mushroom appetizer and chatted some more while savoring our dinner of fish, lamb, creamed kale and spinach and crispy sweet potato fries.  I love spending time with Matt and having evenings like this always reminds me how amazing it is to have him next to me.



Our next day of escapades around London started with a big full British breakfast at Baker & Spice.  I have to admit, trying out real British breakfast was on my bucket list.  And why wouldn’t it be?  Com’on.   My meal consisted of bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, and it was perfected with baked beans.  Oh and let’s not forget sourdough toast with various marmalades.




Next stop – saying hi to her majesty at the Buckingham palace.




We spend the rest of the day wondering around around SOHO neighborhood – home to lots of bars, restaurants, galleries,  exclusive clubs, rooftops, theaters and shopping.


Stopping for some window shopping…


Matt and I love to walk, so we must have walked a few dozen miles while in London.  Meanwhile, Gisela cruised in a more comfortable style in her stroller.


SOHO ended up becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods in London.  It is a bustling and an eclectic neighborhood bursting with outstanding restaurants.  I loved SOHO food scene and wish I took a few pictures of our dinner there.

rwzgtag8qruxhq5zvodehg_thumb_9ec8Next day, we woke up with the sun and rushed to a train station to catch our train to Cambridge.  Read my post about how we spent a day at Cambridge here.

New day means new shenanigans and new breakfast place to try!  This time, we decided to grab our breakfast at Granger and Co.  This place is located in Notting Hill and is frequented by locals.  The scrambled eggs here are whipped to a perfection which I paired with avocado and kimchi.  Ricotta pancakes are simply amazing.  And don’t forget to try their hot chocolate.  It was a perfect start to my day to sip hot, thick and luscious hot chocolate made from steamed milk and real chocolate.


After filling our bellies, we wandered around Notting Hill neighborhood admiring fancy shops and colorful houses.  We checked off another must see – Portobello Road Market.


You simply cannot visit London and not wander around Hyde Park.


Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground in Hyde Park was, undoubtedly, Gisela’s must see attraction.



Cheers from London red telephone booth!


We miss home and will be heading back now to our home in Denver.  But before we do, we will enjoy our afternoon tea with dainty pastries and scones and finger licking sandwiches.  Read about it here.

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  1. SOHO reminds me of downtown Vienna mixed with West Village in NYC! Very pretty 🙂 The food is the best part though 😛

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