We are Moving

We are Moving

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We are moving!  We are moving to San Francisco, California.  I am extremely excited about our new adventure.  Absolutely thrilled about living in a new city, walking on unexplored streets, discovering coffee shops, taking road trips (pacific coast highway, here we come) and warming up in a California sun.

Our house right now feels like a huge box storage.  There is dust everywhere, boxes everywhere, and boxes covered in dust everywhere.  Yuck!  We have a total of 52 boxes and furniture.

You might think that moving is stressful and yes it is but I love experiencing new cities.  I believe that every new city has something exciting to offer.  Moving shapes your life in a positive way and helps you grow as an individual.  It inspires you.  It makes you do things our of your routine and forces you to try new experiences in life.  It makes you see life from different angles.  Living in different cities is a must in my opinion!  I also realized that one city is not better than any other city.  It all depends where you are in life and what you seek out of life currently.

I only recently became aware of how important it is to try living in various cities.  I lived in Chicago for over 20 years. I was absolutely head over heels ’till death do us part in love with Chicago.  I idolized it and believed there is no better city on earth.  I still feel just as much love about it.  Chi rocks!

However, 2 years ago I moved to Denver, Colorado with my hubby.

Moving to a new city has been one of the best and refreshing experiences in my life.  To my surprise, I ended up loving Denver and loved traveling around Colorado.

I loved how living in Denver molded our lives in a very different way than they were being molded in Chicago.  I had a chance to go to the best farmer’s markets in United States and taste food fresh off local farms, hike the most spectacular trails in the mountains (read here and here), take cooking classes with professional chefs and bike around the whole city.

Matt and I realized that we loved the nature aspect Denver had to offer and NEED to be living in the city that can offer that.

That’s when we settled on California.  An opportunity came up and we took a chance on San Francisco.  I sure will miss Denver … and Chicago.  Denver won my heart and will have a special place in there just like my home city Chicago.  But oh I am so giddy with excitement to be moving to West Coast.  Stay tuned for our adventures in San Francisco!

… I do wonder if I will miss the snow? …

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