Welcoming Holidays at Christkindl Market

Welcoming Holidays at Christkindl Market

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This evening the three of us are welcoming holidays by going to a Denver Christkindl Market.  Dazzling Christmas lights, sweet cinnamon and nutmeg smell in the air, a hot cup of apple cider in your hands, and colorful tree ornaments – it is the best way to say “Hello” to winter and get into the holiday spirit.

First stop was to get hot apple cider and locally made Danish sweets.  It was quiet hard to decide between apple strudel, plum cake, holiday bread with dried fruits, gingerbread biscuits or a wide assortment of Christmas cookies.

I settled on holiday cookies.  Yummy!

We warmed our toes and noses in a winter tent while rocking it out to some holiday German music.

I sipped on my hot apple cider and admired beautiful holiday decorations.

Later on we aimlessly strolled through the festively decorated and illuminated galleries of the market.

We stopped to admire unique ornaments, souvenirs, and handmade treasures.

Cold kept pinching our cheeks and noses, so after our stroll we went back home to warm up by our very own Christmas tree.

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